Welcome to the Next Generation of Connectivity!
Introducing WiFi HotSpots for Public Venues.


Looking to transform your WiFi hotspot into a powerful marketing tool?

Our solution: Personalize the login page of your hotspot to set the right ambiance for your commercial or shopping space.

We provide a distinctive tool for a fully branded user experience, helping you understand and engage with your customers better.

Features include:

  • Customize background and main images, adjusting transparency and colors.

  • Specify the URL to which users will be redirected (main website, promotional page, app download, etc.).

  • Control internet session speed, duration, and intervals.

  • Select authorization methods such as simple login, email, phone number, survey responses, and more.

  • Integrate with tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Tag for user data collection and marketing insights.

Discover more about your audience and harness this information to elevate your business, seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Gain access to an intuitive dashboard in your personal account, allowing you to export customer data in your preferred format.

  • Leverage this data to more precisely target your audience using Facebook Pixel ID, Google Tag ID, and other social networking tools.

  • Identify customers near your commercial or shopping area and display ads on their devices in real-time.