Welcome to the New Era of Internet!
We are Proud to Present You WiFi HotSpots for Public Places


Want to turn your wifi hotspot into a strong marketing tool for your business?

We have a solution: customize login page of your wireless hotspot and create a proper atmosphere for your commercial or shopping area.

We offer a unique tool that creates a fully branded users experience and helps to receive data and learn more about your customers

It includes:

  • Creating a background image, main image, their transparency and color

  • Setting of URL where users will be redirected (website main page, promo page, app download page or any other)

  • Setting of internet sessions speed limit, duration and intervals between them

  • Choosing authorization method ways (simple login / entering with e-mail address, phone number, name / answering surveys questions / etc.)

  • Setting Facebook Pixel ID, Google Tag ID and other tools for collecting data about users and future marketing research

That’s how you learn more about your audience and use this data for improving your business. Easily and with comfort.

  • You will receive a comfortable space in your personal account and will be able to export data about your customers in any convenient form.

  • Use this data for targeting your audience better via Facebook Pixel ID, Google Tag ID and other social networks tools.

  • Scan customers who walk by your commercial or shopping space and show ads on their phones, laptops and any other devices today.


Affordable pricing plans.

Because every business is different, MyBrooklyn comes with multiple package that fit your needs.


Save up to 30% off on annual package

  • Free HotSpot router
  • MyBrooklyn Premium account
  • Free installation
  • WiFi Radar discount

  • Free rent HotSpot router
  • MyBrooklyn Business account
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